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MERS 3rd Edition Contributors

The Minimum Economic Recovery Standards and the production of the third edition would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of all the individuals who have been involved, in one way or another, in this revision process. We would like to sincerely thank the 150-plus practitioners and leading experts that contributed to this broad consultative process and attended the regional consultation workshops held in Washington DC, Geneva, Dakar, Panama City, New Delhi, Beirut, and London. Acknowledgement should also be given to the expert readers who provided valuable comments on drafts for the MERS handbook. Finally, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the following people who have played such a pivotal role in this revision process by contributing their time, expertise, and energy to developing the third edition (note that some individuals have since left the organizations listed here; however, they are mentioned to give credit to the organization’s commitment):

MERS 3rd Edition Steering Committee (2015-2017)

Ziad Ayoubi, UNHCR

Karri Byrne, Independent Consultant

Alison Hemberger, Mercy Corps

Joseph Mariampillai, Relief International

Scott Merrill, CARE

Tom Shaw, Catholic Relief Services

Julien Schopp, InterAction

MERS Steering Committee Lead Facilitator: Sarah Ward, Independent Consultant

Technical Working Group Members

Kyhl Amosson, World Vision International

Nicholas Anderson, Save the Children

Ziad Ayoubi, UNHCR

Dina Brick, Catholic Relief Services

Deena Burjojee, Access Alliance LLC

Karri Byrne, Independent Consultant

Oscar Caccavale, World Food Program

Ruth Campbell, ACDI/VOCA

Jerry Cole, Red Rose

Mayada El-Zoghni, CGAP

Alfred Hamadziripi, World Vision International

Nicole Hark, Lutheran World Relief

Shoshana Hecker, Hecker Consulting

Alison Hemberger, Mercy Corps

Christopher Herby, American Red Cross

Christine Knudsen, Sphere Project

Emma Jowett, Independent Consultant

David Leege, Catholic Relief Services

Meredith Maynard, Relief International

Scott Merrill, CARE

Lili Mohiddin, Independent Consultant

Jenny Morgan, The SEEP Network

Jan Morrow, Samaritan’s Purse

Stefanie Plant, International Rescue Committee

Zaki Raheem, DAI

Regina Saavedra, UNHCR

Tom Shaw, Catholic Relief Services

Barri Shorey, International Rescue Committee

Eaw Sierzynska, Global Communities

Emily Sloane, International Rescue Committee

Matthew Soursourian, CGAP

Louise Sperling, Catholic Relief Services

Alexa Swift, Mercy Corps

Alexi Taylor-Grosman, Trickle Up


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