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MERS Microlearning Videos

Watch these brief videos to get a quick overview of the different components of the MERS handbook. 

Want to learn more about the role of standards in humanitarian response? Watch the Humanitarian Standards video to find out.

A Brief Overview of MERS

Who Should Use the MERS

Learn about the evolution and content
of the MERS standards. (Click "CC" to watch with French, Spanish, and Arabic subtitles!)

Are the MERS for you? Yes!
Watch this video to learn more.

The Structure of the MERS

A Look Inside the 6 Categories of MERS

Watch this video to learn more about the key actions, key indicators, and guidance notes that make up the MERS.

This video provides a brief overview of all the MERS standards. For even more detail, view this webinar on demand.

MERS in Practice: Using MERS to work within Nexus, During COVID and Beyond

Watch this video to learn more about using MERS during COVID and the lessons learned that can be applied in a post-COVID world. 


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