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Through our Mainstreaming Partnership UNHCR’s Economic Inclusion Unit has continued to advance the use of MERS at the institutional level. Key results from our mainstreaming activities include: 
  • MERS are now integrated into UNHCR’s Economic Inclusion for Refugees Guidance Note, which serves as core basis of operational programming for all livelihoods staff in UNHCR  
  • MERS have supplanted UNHCR’s Minimum Criteria for Livelihoods Programming, which UNHCR previously used to monitor programs. Staff are now directed to MERS for monitoring activities associated with livelihoods programming.  
  • MERS training content has been integrated into UNHCR’s regional livelihoods training workshops, reaching approximately 600 staff in 20 countries.  

To continue to support widespread uptake of MERS, SEEP provides online training with live facilitation and supplemental coaching to Economic Inclusion staff around the world. This activity has yielded several context specific case studies that assess UNHCR’s field programs using the standards.  


As part of our mainstreaming partnership, Global Communities’ Humanitarian Assistance and Economic Development Units implemented activities that wove MERS into their markets systems and economic recovery practicesCore activities included:  
  • Integration of MERS into business development and monitoring and evaluation processes, assuring that MERS will serve as core guidance for program implementation.  
  • Design and delivery of two custom MERS workshops for programs in Turkey and Iraq  
  • Production of a MERS Case Study which highlighted how the MERS could be used as a tool for integrating market systems approach into an HIV prevention program. 
  • Co-development MERS competency matrix tool to identify appropriate level of MERS training and capacity building based on staff level and position in the organization. 



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